GDOT to public: stay off roads between 3 and 6 PM

State transportation officials are asking the public to avoid driving between 3 and 6 p.m. today — a key window when they want to start spreading brine and salt on roads and interstates in preparation for sleet and snow.

“Our biggest concern is the small window of time that we have to get ahead of the snow and ice that is forecasted,” said Georgia DOT Commissioner Russell R. McMurry.  “We will have our crews strategically placed in locations where they can quickly spread the materials on all the major interstates and state routes.  But we must have the public’s cooperation in this effort.  We cannot spread the materials if we are stuck in traffic; and without the materials on the roadway before the snow hits, we lose a valuable tool in fighting the effects of this winter storm.”

Motorists are also asked to maintain a safe distance from trucks and snowplows as they treat the roadways. The state has stockpiled salt and is rolling out a new winter storm arsenal of equipment this year.

The following equipment and teams are on standby from Georgia DOT for the winter storm:

Georgia prepares for big winter storm

November 16, 2015 Forest Park: GDOT Commissioner Russell McMurry and State Maintenance Engineer Dale Brantley show off some of the state’s new winter equipment during a press conference on Monday afternoon November 16, 2015 to discuss winter weather preparedness. Ben Gray /

  • 16 brine trucks to apply materials across metro and north Georgia interstates and state routes.  More than 150,000 gallons of brine has been prepared and we have the ability to produce additional brine as the need arises;
  • 18 plow truck teams (approximately 5 plow trucks per team) will be strategically located on key interstates and state routes to begin plowing and treating roadways as soon as snow begins falling;
  • 15 Strike Teams  which include Georgia DOT HEROs, Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Forestry Department  and the Department of Natural Resources, will begin patrolling metro Atlanta interstates at noon on Friday to clear incidents and accidents blocking travel lanes ; and
  • 41 Special Response Teams will be on hand to address “hot spot” areas in the metro Atlanta area.

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